Big push to vaccinate middle and high school students against COVID-19 in Cincinnati

a group of people sitting at a desk in front of a window: big boost to vaccinating middle school students against covid-19 in cincinnati

Big push to vaccinate middle school students against Covid-19 in Cincinnati

There are many reasons why one might be unsure about getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

For aspiring high school graduate Zenobia Tucker-Jamison, the point of the needle was a point she almost couldn’t get past.

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“When I first came here I was really nervous because I was scared of needles and I just thought I was going to die, but I didn’t. It wasn’t that bad,” she said.


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Tucker-Jamison is one of the few Cincinnati Public Schools students who started the vaccination process at Woodward Career Technical High School in Bond Hill on Monday. Principal Brandon Kingman believes his students are eager to receive a dose of protection from COVID-19.

“They’re coming out. They’re looking forward to receiving the vaccine for the most part because they want to come back at as normal times as possible,” Kingman said.

So far, 10 percent of CPS students have been vaccinated in a clinic in the district. This figure does not include students who get vaccinated elsewhere, such as a doctor’s office or pharmacy.

“(It) feels kind of cool, like helping the world go back to normal,” Addison told Maxberry.

Maxberry, who is in seventh grade at the start of school in August, said she was happy CPS will have several more options for students 12 and older to get vaccinated through the end of July.

Maxberry said she hopes her classmates do what she did: decide to get a chance and make it a reality.

“I wanted to do it for myself,” she said. “We just heard about it on the news, so we just got in here and got it.”

Local health experts hope to hear such comments more frequently in the coming days, especially now that the more transmissible Delta variant of COVID-19 is on the move.

“It seems to be more common, of course, in the populations that are not vaccinated, who unfortunately are our younger people,” said Dr Louito Edje.

When she speaks of “younger people”, Edje speaks of the 40 and younger people, who of course also include teenagers.

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