Bikers ride through Ohio to become aware of gun violence

CLEVELAND – After a man from Cleveland lost a loved one, he hired friends to help raise awareness of the gun violence epidemic that cost a young life.

What you need to know

  • Calvin Love organized the “Bike to Unite Against Gun Violence” Bike-a-Thon
  • Love and a group of men drove 330 miles from Cincinnati to Cleveland
  • The Bike-a-Thon is also supposed to raise money for Love’s charitable “Little Giants”.

Calvin Love spent a lot of time preparing for a ride.

“I’ve been riding consistently for about a year,” said Calvin Love.

The ride he was preparing for had a very special purpose.

“Unfortunately, I lost my nephew four years ago,” he said. “He was gunned down in Euclid and you hear about gun violence in the city and never see how it can affect you until it happens, you know.”

Love organized a bike-a-thon entitled “Bike to Unite Against Gun Violence” in memory of his nephew Quenton Copes Jr.

“He was known for his infectious smile. He was just very charismatic, balanced, everyone loved him. Just a great kid, “said Love.” Losing a family member, let alone a young loved one, makes the pain inexplicable. “

To relieve the pain, Love and a group of followers rode their motorcycles 330 miles from Cincinnati back to Cleveland. Love hopes the bike-a-thon will begin conversations about gun violence and how to stop it.

“Unfortunately, we have a lot of small children, young teenagers, in town who are killing each other for no apparent reason,” said Love. “So we want to raise awareness of this epidemic in our city.”

The Bike-a-thon also supported the charity “Little Giants” by Love, which helps children between the ages of 6 and 17 struggling with obesity.

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