Brice Sensabaugh knows the prospect for men’s basketball at Ohio State University

If the 2022 basketball recruitment cycle actually starts to heat up, the Ohio coaching staff will continue to offer a solid high school perspective.

A recent listing for the cycle was from Lake Highland Prep in Orlando, Florida to a three-star recruit, Bryce Sensabo. The 6’6,240 pound small forward is currently the 53rd largest small forward recruit in the country and the 24th largest small forward recruit in Florida, according to 247 Sports.

From Backeyes, Sensabo announced it had received an offer from Ohio State University and that it took only seven minutes for Ohio State University to announce that it had narrowed down the top four schools. I’ve clearly been waiting for the offer. ..

Besides The Birth of the Back, his top 4 were Alabama. Georgia Institute of Technology and Florida. Obviously, Ohio State University can be considered one of the small forward favorites that crept in just before the finalist deadline.

Sensabo selected four schools: Illinois, Northwestern, Clemson, Cincinnati, Indiana, Miami, Oklahoma, Virginia, Stanford, and Vanderbilt.

So far, the Ohio State University men’s basketball team is the number one recruiting class in the country. You have four verbal promises from Lodi Gale, Bruce Thornton, Bowen Hardman and, more recently, Felix Okpala. Hardman is a new 3-star employee, Okpara and Gayle are new 4-star employees, Thornton is the first new 5-star employee committed to Chris Holtmann and his staff, and the program is new to the present. Minnesota Timberwolves Shooting Guard D’Angelo Russell.

Sensabo is an excellent scorer who can get the ball into the basket on all three levels with excellent size, physique and athletic performance. But he has to work on the defensive end of the floor, which comes over time, especially at his age.

An important aspect of Sensabo’s adoption is his story with Bruce Thornton and the five-star point guard.

“They liked me and the blues [Thornton] And how we play together, ”Sensabo told his rivals. “I’m actually from Ohio. They already have top notch recruitment courses Bruce goes there. I zoomed together for about two hours the other day and learned a lot about them. . “

Sensabo has played with Thornton on the Each One Teach One team all summer, building close relationships on and off the pitch. Each One Teach One is a basketball academy and travel team played by Sensabaugh and Thornton during the summer. Here Thornton jumped from a 4-star rookie to a 5-star rookie.

Ohio State University, Alabama and Georgia Tech were the first two schools to have official visits to Sensabo and both were impressed so you can be happy with your chances.

Currently, Sensabaugh is Holtmann’s fifth verbal engagement and The Birth of The Birth in the 2022 recruitment class. It’s hard to say how many players the 2022 Birth will have on the team. Due to the COVID free qualification year and the ability for 5th grade seniors to return, there are 7-9 spots in Ohio. This season.

Holtmann and his employees like to play on the transfer portal, so you can count on one or two guys there. The 2022 recruiter, Dillon Mitchell, could also commit, although he doesn’t yet know exactly where he stands. Whether he signed a contract with the overtime elite there.

With both Mitchell and Sensabo pledging and making six oral pledges in class, it is difficult to overcome eligibility uncertainties until the player makes a final decision on whether to stay or leave, so back out. Maybe that’s all Eyes is adding for now.

Either way, Sensabaugh may be preparing to announce their signing soon and Ohio has a great opportunity to move to Columbus.

Brice Sensabaugh knows the prospect for men’s basketball at Ohio State University

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