Cincinnati is celebrating the first Small Business Week

CINCINNATI – Small businesses keep looking for ways to bring customers back and they are getting help. The first Cincinnati Small Business Week began Monday in hopes of attracting more people to local businesses like Revel OTR.

What you need to know

  • The first Cincinnati Small Business Week was started by the African American Chamber and the Over-the-Rhine Chamber
  • The week includes networking, workshops, and events that the community can participate in
  • The hope is that the community will discover new small businesses and employ them more in their daily lives
  • Revel OTR Winery is one of those companies and hopes new customers will discover them this week

The municipal winery makes its own wine in the basement of its room, which began 17 years ago with co-founders Anthony Maieron and John Coleman.

“I reached out to JC (John Coleman) and was like hey JC, do you want to make wine with me this weekend?” Maieron said. “My dad will teach me how to make wine again.”

Now the two just celebrated their four-year anniversary, which was opened in OTR. Something that wasn’t so realistic just a year ago.

“You can get something to Cincinnati,” Maieron said. “You won’t stop. You are passionate You want to deliver this. You’re getting a pandemic. You get it all. We had so many hurdles ahead of us that we just jump right over them. “

Because of this, the first Cincinnati Small Business Week is huge for her and other local business owners in the area.

“To get people out and say OTR is open, Cincinnati is open, which gives a lot of confidence to our guests who want to be a part of it again,” said Coleman.

The week includes networking opportunities, workshops, and events to encourage the community to discover new companies like Revel.

“We really appreciate that just because we all work very hard at whatever our craft, whatever our waiters are, whatever we want to promote and sell,” Coleman said in contrast to the Fortune 500 Putting companies in the spotlight is kind of cool. “

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