Cincinnati organizations raise thousands of PPE donations for COVID-ravaged India

As the death toll from COVID-19 continues to rise in India, a Cincinnati partnership is working together to ship personal protective equipment with the hope of saving lives.

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Cincinnati organizations donate ppe to India

This week, Johns Hopkins University reports more than 28,000 deaths related to COVID-19.


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The Greater Cincinnati China Chamber of Commerce told WLWT it had decided to stockpile personal protective equipment at the start of the pandemic. Since then, it has been possible to deliver and donate thousands of critical medical and protective relief items. With cases on the rise in India, GCCCC reached out to the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce to donate some of the remaining inventory. Partners India from Cincinnati responded to the request to ship resources ASAP.

The Christian non-profit organization works to educate and empower young people in rural India to find work and get out of the poverty of the generations. During the pandemic, Partners India stepped up its feeding efforts and provided testing, medical supplies and vaccines for its health initiatives.

On Tuesday, the two groups loaded nearly 30,000 masks and more than 500 bottles of hand sanitizer into a van to be shipped to India. The hope is to provide more supplies and medical equipment as the donations become available.

“Despite our differences, there is one thing in common that we see when someone is suffering. When someone is in pain, “said Ashish Pushkaran, President of Partners India International.” That is the generosity that is being shown right here and that seems amazing. “

Pushkaran recently returned from India just before President Biden’s travel ban came into effect.

“I was walking the streets of India a few weeks ago where I could smell the smoke from the pyre from the makeshift crematoria,” said Pushkaran. “I saw ambulances driving up and down the hospitals that were carrying the patients. One carrying the patients one way and carrying corpses to the crematoria. I went to some of these hospitals and saw people in the corridors tried to take a breath. “

Due to the overwhelming daily intensity and trauma of the pandemic, Partners India is making weekly Zoom calls with medical professionals from the Cincinnati area and local Indian doctors. The aim is to provide medical insights as well as advice and therapy. Pushkaran told WLWT how Indian doctors have reported an increase in doctors dying of suicide due to the weight of the pandemic. Another zoom call is to take place on Saturday.

To participate in Zoom’s weekly call, donate PPE, email Pushkaran at [email protected], or call 513-677-1769.

According to Pushkaran, there is an immediate need for oxygen concentrators that take in normal air and convert it into oxygen-rich air. According to Pushkaran, the organization has the funding to buy it but is struggling to find the devices to ship to India.

GCCCC says it also needs donations and money on personal protective equipment to continue to cover costs for pandemic-related causes and organizations.

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