Cincinnati: Places to Go Sledding

Chris Wocher, 13, is driving his sled through Rapid Run Park in Price Hill on Monday.  Hamilton County was expected to get up to 10 inches of snow all Monday.

Two inches? Four? More?

If this weather system lives up to its predictions for snow accumulation, we may get enough to go sledding.

(Cross your fingers, it will be the last – we have the opening season of the Reds soon!)

So what the fuck? Why don’t you grab a sled, some friends, or the kids and go out? Cincinnati is called the City of the Seven Hills for a reason.

My place is Bunker Alley, a narrow, steep cobblestone alley at the foot of Prospect Hill on the border between Over-the-Rhine and Mount Auburn. It’s too thin for cars but requires braking (also known as feet) before reaching Liberty Street.

Remember: tobogganing can be dangerous. Keep your wits about you – keep an eye out for cars and other hazards.

Have fun sledding!

  • Devou Park in Covington
  • Rapid Run Park in West Price Hill
  • The mound adjacent to the North End Zone at Nippert Stadium on the University of Cincinnati campus
  • Mount Storm Park in Clifton (look out for the big pine trees at the bottom of the hill!)
  • The hill next to Woodfill Elementary in Fort Thomas
  • French Park and the old greeting card factory, both on Section Road in Amberley Village
  • Stanbery Park in Mount Washington
  • The hill behind the Cincinnati Observatory in Hyde Park.

Do you have any other suggestions? We’ll add them to the list when you email them at [email protected]

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