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Saturday morning UK press conference: Today’s top headlines from The Telegraph

Welcome to your early morning The Telegraph press conference – a recap of the top stories we’ll cover on Saturday. To receive briefings by email twice a day, subscribe to our free newsletter on the home page. 1. Boris Johnson: Indian variant carries real risk of disrupting our plans Boris Johnson warned on Friday that the Indian variant could “seriously disrupt” plans to lift the definitive Covid restrictions on June 21. The Prime Minister said he had to be “on an equal footing with”. The public about the threat posed by the new strain, saying that “tough decisions” about how to get out of the lockdown may lie ahead of us. Read the full story. 2. Prince Harry’s broadside leaves high-ranking royals confused about his “sad lack of compassion”. The Duke of Sussex’s broadside over the Prince of Wales has amused high-ranking royals for his “sad lack of compassion” for his own family, The Telegraph understands. All three royal households appeared to have been shaken on Friday by the Duke’s proposal to have failed not only by his own father but also by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. Read the full story. 3. Decolonizing Oxford University Customs by Inch, Using Imperial Measurements The next goal that Oxford University has proposed is that imperial measurements should be “decolonized” through links with the British Empire. The mile, duty, yard, pound and ounce are “closely related to the idea of ​​empire” and their curriculum presence may change, as the decolonization plans of the Oxford Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Life Sciences suggest. Read the full story. 4. Offering In-Person Appointments “Cannot Be Overnight”, GPs Warn Patients General practitioners have declined orders from NHS to immediately offer each patient a face-to-face appointment, warning the move “cannot happen overnight”. The British Medical Association (BMA) on Friday called on health chiefs to show the public “honesty” about extended waiting times due to the impact of social distancing on patient flow in operations. Read the full story. 5. Edwin Poots pledges to “undermine” the Northern Ireland Protocol after his election as DUP Leader The Democratic Unionist Party has elected a new leader who has vowed to “systematically undermine and erode all aspects of the Northern Ireland Protocol” . Stormont Agriculture Secretary Edwin Poots beat DUP Westminster leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson by just 19-17 votes in Friday’s elections. Read the full story. Stay up to date with the latest news and politics from The Telegraph throughout the day.

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