“Code Red” situation at the Cincinnati shelter as adoptions slow down

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – One animal shelter in three states currently has overcapacity. One employee describes the situation as “Code Red”.

The Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society has nearly 100 kennels for dogs and plenty of space for cats too. But with adoptions slowing down and uptake high, the shelter is running out of space.

Ray Anderson, the shelter’s media and communications manager, says it’s not uncommon for capacity to run out, but the current state of affairs is disastrous.

“This is most of what we’ve had since we took over the shelter last August,” said Anderson.

Since last Friday, Anderson says, more than 100 dogs have been adopted, fostered, reunited with their owner, or sent to the rescue. Even so, there are still more than 100 other dogs currently being cared for at the shelter, according to Anderson.

He says the shelter had to get creative. Dogs are currently in emergency shelters. Some live in offices; others are encouraged by employees.

Dogs keep coming in, Anderson says, but worry slows down adoptions.

“So what we really need to see is our community going out and adopting dogs, or if you can’t fully adopt right now, even a temporary foster home would be of great help,” he said.

It’s a problem with cats too.

Anderson says they currently have 468 cats and kittens including those in foster families and the animal shelter.

Anderson has an idea what is causing the influx, but warns it is an opinion and he has no data to back it up.

“I think there is a lot of uncertainty right now when people are back to work, maybe this is not the time to think that they can’t take a dog now,” he said.

Learn more about being cared for or adopted by the Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society here.

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