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The Honorable Amy Coney Barrett – or, as it is popularly known today, ACB – is the newest Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. She occupies the seat vacated by the late judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg after an unfortunate death due to a long battle with metastatic pancreatic cancer.

Prior to her 52-48 endorsement by the US Senate, the new Judge Berett was secretary to the late Judge Antonin Scalia and graduated from Rhodes College where she majored in English literature. After graduating with notable academic awards, she attended Notre Dame Law School.

Prior to being nominated for the Supreme Court, ACB served at the Seventh Federal Court and also taught law courses at Notre Dame Law.

Justice Barrett is a practicing Catholic who is steadfast in her beliefs and has seven children. Five of her children are natural (including a pair of twins and a child with Down syndrome) and two were adopted from Haiti.

Judge Clarence Thomas conducted the swearing-in of his new colleague on October 27, 2020 on the balcony of the White House. They were joined by President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and Justice Barrett’s husband, Jessee.

Since President Trump announced her nomination for our nation’s highest court, leftists and enemies of the Trump administration have pursued petty, misogynistic and even racist lines of attack to discredit them and denigrate their families.

Left-wing demagogues who insisted that our institutions existed only to enable their worldview to manifest began openly to support the concept of court packing after it became increasingly clear that Judge Barrett would become Judge Barrett.

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