Court: Ohio’s eight-year-old parents who committed suicide can sue educators

The three judges said Gabriel Tei’s parents introduced “reckless behavior” to prevent school staff from receiving government exemptions.

The federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that parents of an eight-year-old student who committed suicide after persistent bullying can file a case against the Cincinnati School District on illegal death and other charges.

Three judges from the US 6th District Court of Appeals said school staff could not be exempted by the government to handle the case because Gabriel Tei’s parents found “reckless behavior”. It was.

In the proceedings, school staff were also charged with deliberately and negligently causing mental disorders and failing to report child abuse. According to the trial, Taye was bullied from first grade of elementary school and third grade. It is said that the bullying has escalated.

Other students beat and kicked and attacked him, threw him against the bathroom wall and passed out on Jan. 24, 2017, parents said in a lawsuit.

He was sick at home the next day and returned to school on January 26, but his parents said he was bullied again in the bathroom by students who tried to flush the toilet with his water bottle. He committed himself in the bathroom that night.

Taye’s parents, Cornelia Reynolds and Benyam Tate, say school officials misrepresented them or failed to inform them of the bullying attack on their son. Carson Elementary School managers did not call 911 when Tay passed out, did not punish the bully, did not inform the teacher of the problem, and held the toilet despite repeated bullies, according to a court ruling. I did not supervise it and I withheld information.

They “eventually delayed Tay’s parents from fully understanding the horrific experience at Carson Elementary School,” wrote Judge Bernice Buoy Donald. He pointed out that he warned that doing so could lead to suicide.

Defendant Aaron Helzig said in an email: “This is a preliminary decision based on the plaintiff’s story, provided all of his allegations are true.” It does not reflect the facts that developed through this incident. “

He did not mention whether the judgment should be appealed in favor of the lower court.

“We need to expose the truth about Gabe at Carson Elementary School and share it with all parents,” Taylor’s mother’s attorney, Jennifer Brunch, said in an email. “We are here. I have been collecting testimony and evidence for several months and am ready to go to court.”

Court: Ohio’s eight-year-old parents who committed suicide can sue educators

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