COVID-19 Cases, Ohio’s Quarantine Rules Increase Pressure On Greater Cincinnati School Directors

Text: Covid-19 cases, Ohio's quarantine rules increase the pressure Cincinnati school principals are feeling

Covid-19 cases, Ohio’s quarantine rules adding to the pressure Cincinnati school principals are feeling

For Russ Fussnecker, the headmaster of Edgewood City Schools, the current COVID-19 dynamic his district is grappling with has become a kind of numbers game.

“When we closed 18 months ago, nothing has changed,” said Fussnecker. “Now we’re open with half the subs. And you have half the subs and yet they (parents) want the same thing they did before COVID. And that is the problem – you have a shortage of staff. “

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The shortage of substitute teachers was all too evident on Wednesday. At that point, different classes of Edgewood Intermediate students were grouped together in a gym to do schoolwork.

One parent said her son “sat on a dirty floor in the gym with lots of other students all day. That is unacceptable.”

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New Quarantine Protocols for Schools in Ohio

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The Edgewood School mother said her son and other children were being watched by only one teacher.


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Fussnecker understands the frustration, but says that he and his team are adapting to the rapidly changing conditions to the best of their knowledge and belief.

“Our ultimate goal is to have children in school,” he said. “For example, if you have 15 teachers in a building of maybe 40 … when you’re dealing with it, you put kids in canteens because you’re still trying to put them in. … At least in the gym, we can hand them out You know. And that’s how you are all the time – it’s fluent. We talked about it before, where you always try to develop your thinking on the spot. And no matter what decision you make, you hear it. You have made a bad decision hit. And there is a shortage of submarines. “

Fussnecker said Ohio’s quarantine rules were another harshness. He said too many healthy students and teachers are stuck at home after exposure to positive cases of COVID-19. Around 1,000 students were in quarantine on Wednesday. That number had dropped to 500 on Friday, but even that is more than 10 percent of Edgewood’s student body.

A special meeting of the board of directors will take place on Tuesday to discuss the state of affairs. The session announcement reads, “The Edgewood City School Board of Education will hold a special board meeting next Tuesday, September 7th, 2021. The meeting will begin at 5:00 pm and will be held in the Middle School Auditorium. The purpose of the meeting is to serve Discussion of Covid-19 and related matters. There will be no public participation. Action can be taken. “

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