Due to seasonal illness, COVID-19, some parents in the greater Cincinnati area are struggling to plan pediatric visits

A young girl holding an umbrella: With seasonal illness, Covid-19, some larger Cincinnati parents are struggling to plan pediatric visits

seasonal illnesses, Covid-19 have some major Cincinnati parents struggling to schedule pediatric visits

A woman named Sarah said she ran into more than one roadblock to help plan a doctor visit for her children.

“It’s really difficult, especially with three kids, because unless I want to make an appointment for three different days of the week at three different times – often they don’t even let siblings in. Being a mother at home and not having a family here was difficult everywhere, “said Sarah.

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Without naming her pediatrician, Sarah said that simply making an appointment can get complicated when symptoms suggest a possible case of COVID-19.

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense because … what should I do for my kids if I can’t get them to the doctor?” said Sarah.

Dr. Camille Graham is a pediatrician at Mercy Health. She understands the frustration parents like Sarah feel and says there may be more to the situation than meets the eye.

Video: For Seasonal Disease, COVID-19, Some Parents in the Greater Cincinnati Area Have Difficulty Scheduling Pediatric Visits (WLWT Cincinnati)

Due to seasonal illness, COVID-19, some parents in the greater Cincinnati area are having difficulty planning pediatric visits

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“Some practitioners may feel that they are at a higher risk of contracting COVID,” said Graham. “So you might have someone on chemotherapy who might not want to see sick children in the office.”


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Graham said she and her colleagues are working hard to treat the growing number of children getting sick in schools in southwest Ohio where masks are sometimes optional.

“We walk until we can no longer – and understand that we have to sleep and get up the next morning,” she said.

Graham believes the current scheduling crisis could last a month or two.

“We expected at the beginning of school that we would see a lot of illnesses because it happens every year whether COVID is here or not,” said Graham.

Graham has seen a wide variety of illnesses lately – including COVID-19, croup, strep, RSV, and other viruses. She knows that symptoms can be confusing to parents. That’s one reason why she’s ordering more COVID-19 tests than ever before. Due to scheduling issues, these tests may need to be performed off-site without a face-to-face visit.

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