How Cincinnati’s Recruiting Department identified the “Clifton Style” culture that has permeated the program – The Athletic

CINCINNATI – “No no no, don’t write that!” Pleaded Pat Lambert, his cheeks reddened shyly. “I do not want that.”

Max Stienecker ignored him.

“Yes, that’s right,” said Stienecker. “Sauce Gardner is here for Pat Lambert.”

Lambert could only shake his head and smile. He can deny anything and protest whatever he wants, but Stienecker’s claim is true.

The two members of the Cincinnati football recruiting team sat outside at UC’s Varsity Village athletics center, explaining their individual paths into the unpredictable shadowy world of college football recruiting as they help pave the way for the eighth-place Bearcats. For Lambert, who was promoted to head of recruitment for the team this off-season, he was infected a few years ago, in the summer of 2018, as a research assistant at the Bearcats. Lambert had returned to his alma mater, where he played safely from 2008-12, and was in offseason camp at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. There he noticed a skinny three-star cornerback from Detroit named Ahmad Gardner, but not because of a 40-fold or an offer list.

“It was its competitiveness,” said Lambert. “There were maybe 30 corners, but you couldn’t get sauce out of a representative. He wanted to be the first every time. It was all of these little things. His demeanor, the way he behaved, was different from many of the other children there. You could just say that it was a culture that suited us. “

A little over three years later, Gardner is one

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