Lesbian couple voted prom king and queen at Ohio School

Annie Wise and Riley Loudermilk, both 18, were elected this year’s King and Queen at Kings High School, just north of Cincinnati, Ohio, where I grew up. The lesbian couple have been together for six months. When I was in public high school in Cincinnati in the 1980s, there wasn’t a single student who was even among the “alternate” group of kids on my scene. I look forward to a time when such stories are not news. From WLWT:

“I admire this generation for their thirst for knowledge and understanding, their strength to stand up for what they believe in,” said one parent.

Another unidentified parent at the board meeting disagreed. “Sorry, but I believe there are still two genders, male and female.”

These were two of the many opinions expressed at the Kings Local School District board meeting on Tuesday evening. They underline a community on the brink of change: some for, others against.

“Some people, you’ll never change their minds. And guess what? That’s fine too. People are allowed to believe and feel what they believe and feel,” said Jen Kirby, mother of Annie Wise.

In connection with this, a few parents showed up at the board meeting to express their outrage that junior and senior English elective students had received the book Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You. What is the problem? Oh, you know, all life matters, blah, blah, idiocy.

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