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Imagine being outraged that college kids are being fed fast food.

Last Monday evening, the Clemson Tigers visited the White House for the second time in three years. Despite the increasingly intense dispute in the country’s capital, they were greeted warmly by the president … and lots of fast food. While the government was closed, President Trump paid for the festival, which included McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King. But the first burger was hardly unpacked, the internet jumped in to do his thing.

The meal priced at about $ 3,000 and apparently came straight out of Trump’s pocket. But it wasn’t the price that set the Internet’s angry dwellers on fire, it was the food. Football players need to be in excellent physical shape and their diet is a crucial part of that. It is such an important aspect that the great programs Pay a lot of money for the services of top sports nutritionists. The University of Michigan just paid over $ 14 million for their sports nutrition facility – into the ranks of Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson, and others. Clemson’s facility is equipped with a fingerprint scanner that personalizes meals for each player. The top programs spare no expense in their nutritional protocol and lay a lot Emphasis about regulating the diet of their players. But still children are children.

After living with a soccer player during my four years of schooling, fast food was a frugal part of his diet, but still a part of it. A night out with fast food restaurants wasn’t uncommon in their ranks, and that’s fine. Just as it’s not the end of the world for Clemson players to be pampered with America’s most popular burger spots. But that doesn’t discourage those who are determined to face Donald Trump with every little thing. Former USC star Reggie Bush, called the food a “huge slap in the face”. The Clemson Players begged to differ – and that’s what really matters here.

The broader problem is that angry Americans cannot even allow others to enjoy the fruits of their success. It happened a couple of weeks ago when bad-do-it-alls unearthed the tweets of Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray when he was 14 years old the night he won the award. The anger they generated forced him to apologize for something stupid he’d said in his youth – the way teenagers like to do it. This type of discontented outrage has been an integral part of politics for some time. Is it criticism of former President Obama? Cloakroom selection, George W. Bushs Peace sign, and now Donald Trump’s catering choice. And now, after infecting almost every corner of political discourse, it is moving into aspects of life that serve as asylum for politics.

“Let us enjoy prosperity because after millions of years on this earth this remains the exception to the rule.”

It was only in the past few years that the NFL had their much-reported argument about kneeling while playing the national anthem that was Kevin Hart effectively booted from hosting the Oscars to something he’s already apologized for, and a scientist who just landed a spaceship on a comet had his feat ruined thanks to the anger that surrounds his shirt. None of these incidents, and so many others, should have sparked the anger that accompanied them. But here we are.

Much has gone wrong with modern American culture. It’s hectic, has misaligned priorities and often creates an unnecessarily combative environment. It’s not because of our opinion on burgers, controversy over the colors of presidential suits, or even the counterbalance of public scrutiny that was missing a decade ago – for better or for worse. But they can be organized around a similar theme: a tendency to impress on others the misery that poisons us. For a political score, we tear down people who achieve great things, while often looking past our cultural and economic advances. the Kulturkampf The anger between so many Americans continues to divide us, trying to bring the same level of misery to all, rather than promoting the camaraderie that comes with unity and economic improvement. If Americans can’t even allow some college kids to celebrate their championship with a couple of burgers with the president, what have we become?

A world where success is punished and blind affirmation is compulsory has not lifted society out of mud and misery. They were extraordinary personalities and institutions like those who are on the wrong side of the anger of the mob today. Let us enjoy prosperity because after millions of years on this earth this remains the exception to the rule. Stop and smell the roses from time to time … or in this case the burgers.

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