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Ignoring people’s worries about daily life in America is a recipe for disaster.

“Facts don’t care about your feelings” is arguably one of the most popular phrases on the right. However, that phrase will be the downfall of the Republican Party if it continues to hold on to it religiously. It is amazing that Republicans oppose political solutions that help the working class, such as increasing the minimum wage or reducing immigration, in favor of open borders to protect a company’s bottom line. The Republican Party must adopt empathy as a central principle for the future. Guidelines just can’t be charts and numbers. It must provide solutions to the problems of everyday working class Americans. If they don’t, they run the risk of pushing people towards the Democratic Party. Ignoring people’s worries about daily life in America is a recipe for disaster.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato argues that Reason alone can be the best way to live and it would be wrong. Reason alone cannot be the basis of American legislative strategy. Ignoring the struggles of workers in this country is like turning your back on a crying child. Republicans need to wake up and realize that just standing next to a GDP chart is not going to convince Americans to support anything.

The new Republican Party must seek empathic politics.

The New Right, those who call for a more nationalist-populist republican party, have made this a central point of their philosophy. The New Law was created in direct response to the failure of the republican orthodox order. Ideas like mass immigration and tax cuts support multinational corporations more than Americans do. Republicans seem to have given up their duty to represent their constituents. One of the central pillars of the New Law is family-oriented policy. This policy is the epitome of empathy. The American government has failed to care for its citizens and the tide must turn. The new Republican Party must seek empathic politics.

Unsurprisingly, people outside of Congress know the issues better than most elected officials. Tucker Carlson, host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, said at the 2019 National Conservatism Conference:

“Elizabeth Warren’s book … makes a revolutionary point that is the greatest change in our society that got almost no press, and that was the moment when it became impossible for the average person to support a family on an income. “

Of course he’s right, but the fact that this is not a focus of American politics.

Republicans in Congress have done very little to help the family, at least until recently. Fortunately for the working class, Republicans realize they cannot keep this up and have therefore begun developing political solutions to address this problem.

The majority of lower and working class families want one parent to stay in the house while the other works. These are the people the Republican Party must target with its policies, not corporations and not the upper class. A notable example of family-oriented politics is that of Senator Josh Hawley Parental tax credit. This would provide $ 6,000 for parents with children under the age of 13 and $ 12,000 for single and married parents, respectively. This plan would give parents the support they need to support a family.

Unless the citizens of this country have the added stress of paying for childcare, they may be more likely to have a child of their own.

It is incredibly expensive to raise a child. According to US newsThe average annual cost for a middle-income couple to raise a child to adulthood is $ 13,000. If passed, this law could allow parents to cover the annual cost of raising a child. Unless the citizens of this country have the added stress of paying for childcare, they may be more likely to have children of their own.

Families are one goal of politics, workers another. Senator Romney of Utah introduced that Higher wages for the American Workers Act. This plan increases the minimum wage to $ 10 over a period of time and makes E-Verify mandatory. The federal minimum wage would rise to $ 10 by 2025. Small businesses with fewer than 20 employees would have an extra year to meet this requirement. Under this plan, wages would rise for 3.5 million people.

This legislation is aimed at families and employees. These two groups must become the basis of the new Republican Party. The empathy conveyed in these plans is clear; They are designed to help working class Americans live better lives. If we as a party continue to ignore the struggles of American families and American workers, the Republican Party will cease to exist.

The old guard would like to convince you that national debt and GDP are more important than the daily lives of Americans. The only thing Republicans have ever done for families is shipmen to the Middle East. This thinking led directly to the formation of the new law.

It is not a noble thing to refuse to help the people you sent to Washington. The party must orient its politics towards empathy.

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