Ohio’s military involvement in the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine

CLEVELAND – The mass vaccination center at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center marks a major milestone for Ohio in its fight against COVID-19.

According to Governor Mike DeWine, the center alone has given more than 237,000 first and second doses of the Pfizer vaccine, and many of the people who work behind the scenes to keep it going are members of the Ohio military.

Alison Ruble, the United Service Organization (USO) regional president of the Midwest Region, said she is ensuring that service members are provided with the items they need to continue serving the state.

“They work long shifts seven days a week protecting and really helping us with community-level COVID-19 aid,” Ruble said.

USO’s efforts include providing members with comfort items such as groceries and other necessities that they may need. Ruble said there were “literally thousands” of service members stationed in Ohio to help introduce vaccination, including members of the National Guard and those on active duty.

To learn more about how the USO is helping the Ohio military, watch the full interview above.

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