“This is the year we come back,” DeWine says as summer begins in Ohio

CINCINNATI – “This is our year of recovery,” Ohio governor Mike DeWine told WCPO on Wednesday afternoon. “This is the year we come back.”

The senior manager in Ohio is optimistic about the summer ahead for his state, he said. He believes the federal government will soon extend eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines to children 12 and older, which gives him hope that the state’s case rate will be low enough that remaining restrictions on Ohioans’ daily life will be lifted .

At the time he spoke to WCPO about the historic Clifton Mill near Yellow Springs, the COVID-19 case rate in Ohio was 155.6 per 100,000 people. DeWine has promised to end all ongoing health care jobs, including masking jobs, when the state hits a rate of 50 cases per 100,000 people and stays there for two weeks.

He hopes Ohio can get closer to that goal.

“We’re seeing cases falling now,” he said. “What drives these cases is the vaccine. And you know 40% of the total population in Ohio has now been vaccinated.”

Currently, vaccinated people in Ohio are not required to wear a mask outside. Vaccinated people also do not need to be quarantined if they have been exposed to the virus.

“You know, better than 50% of adults now have their vaccine,” DeWine said. “When Fran and I go through the state and talk to people who have been vaccinated, it is really liberating for people. I know it was for us. And people are really planning trips, they want to go out. I think there is a real pent-up desire to see things. “

On Wednesday, the first day of the tourism season, the governor looked to a season of popular Ohio traditions.

“So many people love to boat on the Ohio River, but there are just so many other things to see,” he said. “We have 75 state parks. Right where we are now, Clifton Mill, we’re just a few miles from John Bryan State Park. I look forward to coming down and seeing some Reds games.”

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