Warm weather expands business for Cincinnati Food Trucks

CINCINNATI – Cincinnati Food Trucks enjoy our warm, dry winters.

The average temperature from December to February was a mild 36.5 degrees, 3.4 degrees above average. So far this winter, Cincinnati has seen 35 days when the temperature never dropped below freezing.

With warm days coming in February, Cincinnati will slightly exceed last winter’s 38 days above freezing. And when the weather is above freezing, food trucks can continue to serve, said Shane Coffey, board member of the Cincinnati Food Truck Association.

Approximately 10 percent of the 60 food trucks that are members of the association, including Coffey’s Street Chef Brigade, operate year-round and are reporting increased business due to the unusually warm weather.

Street Chef Brigade, for example, was deployed at around 20 locations each month. That’s twice as many as last winter and about half the business that Coffey wanted to do in the summer high season.

“January was great,” said Coffey. “I assume that February will be even better.”

Bones Brothers Wings booked about 20 more events this winter than last year, said operator Jim Dowery. The truck is finding new customers and has added a delivery service so it can serve food even on cold, wet days.

Of course there are only a few this winter. According to the National Weather Service, Cincinnati saw only eight inches of snow this winter. That is nearly 10 inches below normal, assuming no major buildup occurs by February, and 9 inches less than last year.

Breweries and other companies that use food trucks also benefit from the warm weather.

Not only does the warm weather mean more beautiful days for food trucks, but also a wider range of trucks, said Ron Sanders of Darkness Brewing in Bellevue. Like many breweries, Darkness relies on food trucks instead of an in-house kitchen and staff to feed and keep customers close and drink.

“Without food trucks, we slow down during dinner,” said Sanders.

Total Quality Logistics brings food trucks on site to give the employees a variety during their lunch break. Last winter, trucks were out twice a week, said Katie Simms, employee engagement specialist. This winter, TQL employees were able to get groceries from trucks almost every day.

In the Street Food Finder you can see which food trucks are on the road on a particular day.

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